At rest in the beauty & chaos of life

Life rarely goes as planned. Love it anyway.

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Regardless of where each of us are on the road of life, we can all likely agree there are some highly unexpected twists and turns. We do our best to navigate through whatever is thrown our way, but it’s inevitable that sometimes we find ourselves on a detour that just isn’t going like we thought it would.

In these moments or seasons, we can get bogged down in the heaviness of life. Especially in a highly curated and blissfully colour-coded world that has been optimized to set impossible benchmarks for you to compare your reality against.

What if you had a space to pause, to be encouraged, and to recharge for whatever lies ahead? That’s the hope behind Tulip Harbour, that it will create a space for the chaos and beauty of life to collide and coexist, providing a haven for you to authentically just be.




Faith illuminates the pathway in times of darkness and helps us discover our purpose in life. It gives us the courage to follow the road less traveled.



Home is the foundation upon which memories are built, where relationships and are strengthened, and where we find solace in the midst of life’s uncertainty.



Purpose injects meaning into our actions and our choices and empowers us to unearth the vast, uncharted territory of our true potential.


It takes courage to face life’s challenges, especially when the road is unclear.

But, taking that courageous step toward your calling and purpose, no matter how unconventional, contributes to the deeper construction of our identity and purpose in life.


It’s time to unearth the vast, uncharted territory of your true potential.

In a world filled with deafening voices, dictating what you could and should be, it’s a challenge to filter out the noise and tune into your own desires and goals.

Let’s explore the art of living life outside the lines, embracing imperfections, and mastering the art of saying “no” when it’s right and “yes” when it truly matters, even when it scares the living daylights out of us.


Much life a lighthouse, illuminating where we stand in life helps us determine where we really want to be.

My wish is that my words will echo your own experiences, that you’ll feel like you belong here and that together, we can navigate the incredible maze of life. It’s time to drop the anchor and come in from the storm.